SJWS be like


"my friend hates himself for being straight because of this website" i doubt that very much

"my friends hates himself for being trans because of this website" yeah i doubt that very much because we put them on a pedestal dont we

never tell anyone to kill themselves.

Actually macklemore is a p good songwriter and human being so yeah.

oh shit i found my hate blog again. wow ive needed this for some time. glad.

alt + click not working -_-


Tumblr, why you make me not be lazy and take away the reblog shortcut???? I am angry with you and if it does not return i will definitely not be on tumblr as often!!!!


Every time I see these creepy photoshoots of barely clothed women on deviantART I can’t help but think “I wonder if they’re being held captive and being forced to do this shit. Maybe that’s how come this garbage gets popular faster than ponies cats being stupid.”

its the internet. sometimes people just want to show themselves off or like to draw cats being cool or ponies being cool. ;0


I don’t



what even


Blankets and pillows you can actually write on!

you can just….pull out a pen or whatever and write on it? that’s pretty goddamn awesome im not gonna lie. what if it gets on you or something though?…uh…

Awwwhhh how nice you run a hate blog………


You must have a really interesting, fruitful life…….